Quickbooks Masters

page2_img2We are here to rescue you in solving your QuickBooks? headaches. QuickBooks? is the #1 leading Accounting Software in the industry. It was made popular because it caters to the needs of the end user, with little bookkeeping or accounting skills, instead of the Accountant, who has overwhelming knowledge of accounting and bookkeeping.

QuickBooks® is unique because it uses forms to complete your bookkeeping instead of general ledger posting which requires knowledge of debits and credits.

Unfortunately, if your accountant is not aware of the software workings, he / she can cause problems in your QuickBooks® data file that will carry over on reports from years past. Accountant's are very good at the accounting and tax issues, but because accountant's service over 600 clients, who may have several different accounting software solutions, it is impossible for them to specialize in one software with all new releases and changes each year in the software. Therefore, Accountant's rely on Journal Entries (debits and credits) to correct information in a clients file. While this may correct their financial reports, it could cause problems in other reports used by the company. Even though QuickBooks® has the Journal Entry Form, it is only to be used in certain systems of QuickBooks® and sparingly.

One of the most important factors in your company is the Financial Health of the business!

It is important to be able to have the information at your fingertips to make good sound business decisions that you can rest at night knowing you made the right one.

QuickBooks® can be tailored to accommodate many businesses, and is sought out by 9 out of 10 companies. QuickBooks® can perform as well as and better than most of the custom-made and expensive accounting programs out on the market.

QuickBooks® is much more than an accounting solution. It is peace of mind of knowing that you can have any information at your finger tips when programmed.

When used correctly and completely, QuickBooks® gives managers instant access to expensive measurements that are essential to running a business successfully.

Management is information? This information can forecast the future of your company.

QuickBooks® is Simple once it is correctly programmed and the training is complete.

Know which QuickBooks® is right for your Company. We can evaluate your needs and write you a prescription for the correct version.