"You girls are always so friendly and treat me like a king"
This is one of our 1st. clients when we went in business and has been one of our loyal clients. He is a Full-Time Bookkeeping Client to this day.

1999 to Current

Mike, Talbert Group, Inc.

"Lori, I appreciate you sooooo much"
This is a Quarterly Client

Anna, Haas Homes, Inc. Williamson Contracting, Inc.

"Lori, I would never get rid of you, you always explain everything to me and give me lots of information, you are worth it"

Rivertown Butcher Shoppe

Diana, Rivertown Butcher Shoppe

"Lori, you received a 99% on your QuickBooks® written test which is very hard to do. Only a few achieve that. Great Job!"

This is a major company who is directly related to Intuit and helps write and train the software. We continue with advanced training with this company and we are listed as a Certified QuickBooks® Consultant on their Web Site. Customer from 2001 to Current

Doug Sleeter, The Sleeter Group