Service Prices

Prices On Services
Programming Billed @ $350.00 to $750.00 Depending On Complexity
QuickBooks® Accounting Software Preferences
Setting up the Chart of Accounts
Setting up the Items (inventory items extra) up to 10 included in price.
Setting up Sales Tax System.
Setting up Payroll Items and programming.
Setting up Employees and Templates for each Employee.
Inputting up to 10 Customers or Vendors.
Programming Templates.
$350.00 to $750.00 - Depending on the amount of complexity of the File and which Systems in QuickBooks® you are using.
Discount given to Companies that need more than one file programmed. 2nd. Company is discounted normally by half.
On-Site or Hands-On Training Billed @ $100.00 Per Hour
On-Site Training is billed at a set rate of $100.00 per hour with no minimal. Each hour after that is billed on a 15 minute increment with Travel Time charged one way.
Note: If training is for more than one person, an estimate will be given. ( usually no additional fee)
Hands-On Training is billed at a set rate of $150.00 per hour with no minimal. NO TRAVER TIME charged since this training is done @ A+ Office.
Phone Consultation Billed @ $40.00 Per Hour in 15 Minute Increments.
Phone Consulation is troubleshooting over the phone, walking a client through a transaction, or answering any questions.
$40.00 per hour billed on 15 min. increments.
Troubleshooting a particular problem billed @ $65.00 per hour
32 Point Check Of Your Data File Billed @ $225.00 Set Rate
A+ Financial Consulting offers a 32 point check of your QuickBooks® file. This 32 point check evaluates the health of your file. What is wrong and what needs to be done. The 32 point check is a set-price of $225.00. This takes approximately 4-6 hours. After evaluating your file, we will consult you on what needs to be done at that time. You then decide if you want to repair yourself or hire us to do data repair.
Clean Up And Data Repair Billed @ Discounted Rate The Bigger The Project $20-$30.00 Per Hour
Cleaning up the QuickBooks® file is based on how sick the File is.
This could be a time-consuming project and Companies prefer an estimate. To give you an idea it is on the size. Our normal $65.00 per hour is reduced for larger projects down to as low as $20.00 per hour to $30.00 per hour. Since we have been doing this for a long time, we usually estimate close to the total cost. A signed engagement letter will be required before work can be started. Payment is expected weekly as the project progresses unless other arrangements have been made. The disk is not released without full payment of project. Clean up projects are usually billed out as the project progresses.
Full or Partial Bookkeeping Rate
Full Bookkeeping can run weekly $250.00 and up depending on the services needed.
Partial Bookkeeping can run weekly $50.00 and up depending on the services needed or monthly as low as $160.00 and up.
Most Companies prefer a set price for Partial or Complete Bookkeeping. Therefore, this is evaluated at the initial meeting and a proposal generated. We lock in the price for 6 months. After which, we evaluate the work performed for a possible adjustment.
Accounts Payable , Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Sales Tax payable, Asset and Liability Tracking
Full Accounting to keep your Financial House in Order.
Full Office Management Service is included in our Partial and Full Time Bookkeeping Clients.
Access to office equipment
Fax, Copier, Scanner, Stamp Machine, etc. at no additional cost to our client.
Paper and ink is included.
Not included is the Postage and the cost of the Company Checks
Quarterly Payroll Reports Billed - Range $300.00 to $350.00 a Quarter.
941 Reports on a Quartly Basis
State / County Forms Monthly
State Unemployment Forms
Federal Unemployment Spreadsheet
Price is $300.00 to $350.00 a Quarter
W2's, W3, WH3, 940 Payroll Reconciliation is billed @ a rate of $65.00 per hour. Small companies usually run approx $175.00 and up.
Year End Preparation Billed @ $65.00 Per Hour
Prepairing the QuickBooks® file to be given to the Accountant
Reconciling and Printing 1099's
Printing 1096
Reconciling Accounts for errors in QuickBooks® file
Troubleshooting entries
Journal Entries from Accountant for year-end
Closing out the year
Opening a new year and importing and exporting into new file
This is billed according to the health of the QuickBooks® file and amount of reconciling. If you are a full-time bookkeeping client already, this service is included in the bookkeeping rate.
Incorporate Your Business Billed @ $350.00 Plus Your $90.00 Fee To Sec. Of State
Processing SS4, BT-1, 2553, Articles of Incorporation and other forms necessary to Incorporate
Supply and Design the Corporate Book
Supply the Corporate Seal
Supply and Issue the Stock
Fill out Transfer Log and much more.
$350.00 However, the $90.00 Fee for the Articles of Incorporation is extra and paid by the new or existing business
Note: A+Financial Consulting & Assoc. Inc. is not in the position of giving legal advice on what type of Corporation your Company should be. Therefore, it is important you discuss with your financial planner the type of business that will best serve your Company.