Hello, my name is Lori Rodgers, and I am the President / Owner of three companies

A+Financial Consulting & Associates, Inc.

A+Bookkeeping, Inc.

A+Accounting Services, Inc.

I have many years experience in the QuickBooks?, Quicken? and in the accounting field. I have been in Business since 1997 when the 1st. Product of Quicken? was used.

I am a QuickBooks® Pro Advisor and Consultant for Intuit. I'm a Certified QuickBooks® Trainer, Consultant through the Sleeter Group, Inc. My job is to teach not only the program but also the proper bookkeeping skills needed to master the program.

Our talented and friendly team at A+ has the experience and knowledge to keep your financial house in order. We greet you with a smile and treat you as part of the A+ family when you become a client, your problems become our problems. We work very close with you to get them solved.

We spelialize in Quickbooks® only! This makes us masters in this field.

A+ has organized several companies and has saved them thousands of dollars. This we do by teaching you shortcuts in QuickBooks®, and most importantly making sure you are set-up properly to achieve your goals. We not only make your job easier, but your CPA's job a breeze. Instead of receiving unreliable data, the CPA receives accurate data.

We are here to rescue you in solving your QuickBook® headaches. QuickBooks® is the #1 leading Accounting Software in the industry. It was made popular because it caters to the needs of the end user, with little bookkeeping or accounting skills, instead of the Accountant, who has overwhelming knowledge of accounting and bookkeeping.

You may ask yourself, "Why hire A+ to help me?" "How can I be assured A+ can solve my problems?" "What makes A+ the best decision when hiring someone to help me?"

I explain this with a metaphor.

On one leg we have accounting and bookkeeping knowledge and on the other leg we have QuickBooks® Software knowledge. This allows me to walk without any stumbling or problems because we have the knowledge in both areas to achieve the goals you want to see.

Accountants have superb knowledge in Accounting and Bookkeeping, however, may / may not have enough knowledge in the QuickBooks® area to achieve your goals. Remember they have to deal with several accounting software's as well as over 600 clients.

Because we do not do tax returns at the end of the year, we can focus on your QuickBooks® needs, we network with several Tri-State Accountant's and work as a team to achieve the client's goals. The accountants are more likely to team up with us if he / she is sure that we are not there to take their client from them. So we chose not to do tax returns to keep a good relationship with the accountants that network with A+, as well as, allowing more time to focus on the specialized service of QuickBooks®. We are not here to cause discontent in your relationship with your accountant, but to work with your accountant to make you independent and confident of your numbers. Remember your accountant trust that the financial numbers you provide to him / her is accurate, so it is extremely important for you to review, audit and be familiar with your financial reports.

We work with several businesses you may be familiar with and you are welcome to review their comments about A+ or personally speak with them for a reference. Please click on the Link that says